Shaping Innovation in Banking

Propelling you ahead of the competition

Enhance your service with innovative banking software

Leverage our finance and banking software development expertise to get a competitive edge, reaching new operational efficiencies and strengthening your brand. We’ll enhance your existing service offering with new capabilities to help you expand your client base, reimagine how to engage with clients, and win their loyalty.

Innovation in banking: What sets us apart

Underpinned by decade-long software development expertise, we help financial institutions get real business value with enterprise-grade financial software, innovative banking apps, and conversational banking solutions. Our deep integration knowledge allows us to smoothly and securely connect stand-alone systems in a comprehensive financial IT infrastructure — for better collaboration and business agility.
Experts in AI and ML development, we’ll help you streamline your workflows and boost employee efficiency. Also, rely on us to effectively crunch evolving volumes of data and obtain meaningful insights into your processes and client behavior. Implement innovative technologies to revamp customer service — without disrupting your business operations.
Strongly adhering to a comprehensive approach to quality, our QA experts implement all major testing types, including functional, UI, load, integration, and security testing. We seamlessly integrate our custom ready-to-go AQA framework into your QA pipeline to drive instant value. The banking products we build strictly comply with multiple international standards and formats like SEPA, EBICS, PSD2, and SWIFT.

Enter a brand-new world of banking

Partner with an innovative banking software development company to enhance your service offering. From improving your website and mobile app navigation to giving your banking software an extra layer of security, we’ve got your back.

Outstanding UX across channels

  • WCAG accessibility compliance
  • Easy onboarding and intuitive navigation
  • User-centric analysis and client journey mapping
  • Pixel-perfect, highly customizable interfaces

Seamless payments

  • Bill pay reminders
  • Recurring payment automation
  • Cardless payments through HCE and QR code technology

Personal finance management

  • IoT-powered wealth management apps
  • Advanced social trading functionality
  • ML-fueled calculators and spending forecasts

ML-powered analytics

  • In-depth client analysis
  • User behavior mapping
  • Predictive marketing
  • ent-generated data solutions

Cutting-edge features

  • Intelligent in-app voice search
  • VR-based product exploration and learning
  • AR-enabled navigation toward the nearest branch or ATM

Connected banking

  • Card-free ATM access
  • Powerful cardless payment capabilities

Leverage innovation to revamp the client experience

Your clients expect personalized, timely, and rewarding experiences across all channels. And we have the right knowledge and tech to deliver.

Increasing client acquisition and retention

Provide robust web and mobile presence with one-click account opening functionality and create omnichannel marketing campaigns to acquire more clients. Automate and facilitate complex financial operations to decrease mobile app abandonment. Launch captivating loyalty programs to show your existing and potential clients you care about them.

Driving hyper-personalization

Tap into our big data expertise to seamlessly collect valuable information about your customers from a variety of channels and conduct ML-fueled data analysis. Use the obtained findings to craft personalized banking product recommendations, while constantly improving your service.

Enhancing customer support

Guarantee your clients robust support with intelligent chatbots able to resolve the most challenging issues 24/7. Empower your branches with smart robot operators that seamlessly address client inquiries at lightning speed, sparing them the need to wait in long queues. We can help you deliver this and more to win customer loyalty and drive more sales.

Embracing the Cutting Edge of Fintech

We harness disruptive technologies to transform the financial industry

Bespoke fintech solutions for the customer-centric era of financial services

We empower financial industry players with custom fintech solutions to succeed on the disruptive landscape. From mobile payments to P2P lending to AI-driven robo-advisors, we help fintech startups and challenger banks deliver never-before-possible services and stay ahead of the curve.

Fuelling fintech disruption

A leading custom fintech solutions development company, we enable forward-thinking companies to upend traditional banking models and revolutionize customer experiences.
Let users stay on top of their financial health by easily tracking income and expenses, setting goals, creating budgets while enjoying expert money management tips — all from a single dashboard. Tap into non-traditional data sources to streamline credit underwriting and cater to the needs of underserved markets.
Cashless and cardless payments, e-wallets and QR codes, POS terminals and self-serve kiosks — create convenient, omnichannel payment experiences that seamlessly fit your customers’ lifestyle. Save your clients a fortune in remittance fees with peer-to-peer cross-border money transfer.
Leverage big data-driven analytics to develop personalized investment strategies. Harness the power of IoT-generated data to customize your insurance products. And enjoy the ROI of advanced personalization — from better engagement to higher client retention to improved conversion rates.

Explore our fintech software development expertise

Personal finance management

Arm your customers with powerful yet easy-to-use tools that turn personal finance management into an intuitive and delightful experience. Visualize spending trends and offer personalized forecasts with highlighted areas for improvement.
  • Account aggregation and management
  • Bill payments and budgeting
  • Money management chatbots

Payment and billing

Stay ahead of consumer expectations with seamless omnichannel payment options to give users control over their payment experience — no matter where and how they are transacting.
  • POS systems
  • Digital and mobile wallets
  • Contactless payments solutions

Wealth and investment management

Leverage big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower your customers with next-gen fintech solutions that discover smart investment opportunities, manage risks, and drive measurable profits.
  • Portfolio risk management solutions
  • Micro-investing solutions with automatic roundups
  • AI-driven robo-advisors for intelligent portfolio allocation and rebalancing


  • In-depth client analysis
  • User behavior mapping
  • Predictive marketing

ent-generated data solutions


Embrace today’s digital customer needs with new tech-enabled business models and personalized insurance products — from mobile-delivered insurance to telematics-based premiums.
  • Peer-to-peer insurance
  • Mobile microinsurance solutions
  • On-demand insurance platforms

Enterprise-Grade Financial Risk Management Solutions

Curbing financial fraud and enabling smart investment decisions

Leverage our financial risk management competence

From conducting an extensive security audit of IT infrastructures to building fraud detection software, we provide full-cycle financial risk management services to safeguard your business.
We perform comprehensive security audits of your financial infrastructure to identify security threats and gaps. Our experts also provide compliance analysis services to make sure your financial software fully meets officially established requirements and regulations.
After a thorough analysis of your business operations, we develop a detailed data protection and incident prevention plan with strictly defined roles and resource allocation. The next step is to create an overarching security roadmap explaining how to implement the required security capabilities — in order to address the threats specific to your organization.
Whether you need to enhance your existing financial software with advanced identity and access management functionality or build a turnkey fraud detection solution, we’ve got your back. Underpinned by extensive frontend expertise, performance engineering skills, cross-domain knowledge, and QA know-hows, we’re here to make your project succeed.

Making your security needs a priority

For the last decade, we’ve been solving the most daunting security challenges imposed by the nature of finance and banking sphere. Now, we can effectively apply our ready-to-use know-hows to address your major business needs.

Enterprise-grade financial risk management

We use our decade-long ML expertise to proactively manage risks around your enterprise activities.
  • Accurate sales forecast
  • Advanced financial market analysis
  • Comprehensive interest rates research
  • Extensive investment risk analysis

Regulatory compliance

Hire our security experts to ensure regulatory compliance of your enterprise systems with all major standards such as NCUA, OCC, FDIC, FFIEC, and more.
  • Comprehensive security testing and threat detection
  • Compliance management workflow automation
  • Proactive real-time compliance status tracking
  • Activating automated regulatory change alerts
  • Robust compliance and security reporting with intuitive dashboards
  • Establishing company-wide risk management policies

Credit card fraud identification

Capitalize on our know-hows around big data, BI, and ML to spot suspicious activities early and prevent credit card fraud.
  • Overarching data collection from sources like clients’ devices, social media, call center conversations, and more
  • Creating user profiles with behavioral patterns
  • Notifying customers about suspicious activities like exceeding usual monthly spending amounts, simultaneous card payments from different cities, and more
  • Constant ML model training to drive accuracy and eliminate false positives

Cyber risks mitigation

We use cutting-edge approaches and techs to secure your financial software against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • PCI credit card compliance
  • Biometric authentication
  • Robust identity and access management
  • Firewall deployment and maintenance
  • Strong data encryption methods (AES-256, RSA, etc.)
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity

Full-Cycle Mobile Banking App Development

Creating outstanding banking experiences to drive business growth

Leverage our mobile banking app development services

Since 2005, we’ve been honing our financial software development expertise and deep mobile app knowledge to accelerate digital transformation for banks, credit unions, fintech companies, and enterprises. Now we can do the same for you — through the power of frontline banking solutions.

Mobile banking application development at scale

Rely on our decade-long experience in mobile app development to enhance your banking solution with advanced functionality.
Satisfy your clients’ needs by making mobile payments as easy as never before. Empower them to carry out secure transactions in just a couple of taps, automate repetitive payments, and set bill pay reminders. Tap into digital wallet capabilities and enable cardless payments through HCE and QR Code technology.
Enhance your mobile banking app with money transfer functionality for greater user comfort. Enable blazing-fast peer-to-peer transactions and single-touch donations. Notify clients when they receive funds and allow them to set automatic transfers to their savings accounts.
Rely on our AI knowledge to build a smart chatbot set to resolve the most challenging customer issues 24/7. Give an extra layer of comfort with personalized product recommendations and intelligent voice search. Enable AR-based GPS navigation to help clients easily find the nearest service point or ATM.
Empower your mobile banking app users with advanced finance management functionality, including intelligent receipt categorization and budget planning, ML-fueled spending forecasts, financial calculators, and bill scanning. Provide accurate spending categorization, comprehensive merchant mapping, powerful search capabilities, and more.
Activate pre-login mobile banking features like emergency calls, online chats, or notifications about lost or stolen cards. Add more convenience and flexibility by providing card-free ATM access. Let users temporarily block their cards, change PINs, and disable cash withdrawals at night or during overseas trips.
Spare clients long queues in branches and tedious paperwork by adding loan functionality to your mobile app. Promote various types of lending including mortgages and car loans. Empower borrowers with interest calculation tools and allow them to set and change the payback period as well as EMIs.

Focusing on your mobile banking needs

We know the major challenges imposed by the financial sphere and create custom mobile banking solutions to address them, while augmenting sales and promoting business growth.

Ensuring ease of use

Deliver a unified banking experience with a responsive mobile app that runs smoothly on any operating system. From a simple login process to easy onboarding to seamless payments, ensure intuitive navigation not only on mobile, but also on tablets and wearables — to boost client satisfaction and improve ROI.

Enhancing app performance

Bank on our performance engineering expertise to develop a mobile banking app with a highly performant, resilient architecture. Capitalize on our know-hows around battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching optimization to ensure lightning-fast operation and an outstanding UX at all times.

Biometric Software Solutions

Leverage unique human attributes for fast and accurate person identification

Custom biometric solutions development

We combine proactive R&D with our expertise in low-level systems, system integration, computer vision, and related techs to help you address business challenges with biometrics.

Organizations we empower

  • Police departments
  • Penitentiary facilities
  • Border patrol
  • Airports
  • Driving license issuers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • National election agencies
  • Public transport companies
  • Public events organizers
  • Private companies
  • Smartphone companies
  • Industrial facilities
  • Car manufacturers
  • Schools and universities
  • Museums and libraries
  • Hospitals and blood banks
  • Gyms and sports clubs
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls

We work with cutting-edge biometric technology

Computer vision

Our deep expertise in computer vision allows us to design and build innovative solutions for face detection and identification, pose fencing, behavior tracking, signature recognition, eye recognition, and more. Implement our CV-driven biometrics solutions to achieve high accuracy and speed of image analysis.

Voice biometrics

We help companies take advantage of voice biometrics for identification and verification by using a database of voiceprints. Each voiceprint has qualities unique to the person it belongs to and, once collected, serves as a reliable reference sample. Try out a voice biometrics solution as a non-invasive, convenient, and cost-effective option.

Keystroke recognition

We measure the time a person presses the key and the time between keystrokes to correctly assess the person’s typing pattern on a digital device. Pick this type of biometric identification to ensure simplicity of use and high availability at low bandwidth without investing in additional biometrics equipment.

Fingerprint recognition

Our machine learning-based fingerprint solutions are highly accurate and compatible with low-cost fingerprint readers. As fingerprints don’t change with age or disease, and the templates require little storage space, this type of biometric system is future-proof, low-maintenance, and flexible. Expand the database, introduce portable scanners, or switch readers anytime you need.

Transform Banking Experiences with a Personal Financial Concierge

We help you capitalize on conversational AI to serve your customers — any time, any place

Reap the benefits of conversational banking

Help users easily discover your curated banking products and services through their preferred digital channels. Leverage a conversational user interface to improve conversion rates with fast and seamless onboarding while proactively following up on incomplete transactions to reduce drop-offs.
Delight your customers with faster response time and round-the-clock availability. Tap into advanced machine learning to crunch your customer data and deliver tailored financial advice and highly personalized proposals that win loyalty and a greater wallet share.
Embrace the power of conversational AI to effectively — and quickly — process repetitive and time-consuming queries. Leverage the unlocked time savings to let human agents focus on more challenging tasks that add value.
Engage at scale and streamline customer interactions with intelligent chatbots and virtual agents that tirelessly serve millions of users — at a fraction of the cost of a human agent.

Ensuring ease of use

Step up your customer service game with a conversational banking solution that uses NLP to speak the language of your tech-savvy users. Trained with ML models, a virtual assistant goes beyond simple balance checking and builds meaningful conversations with your customers, making retail banking a breeze.
  • Managing personal finances, applying for credit cards and loans
  • Scheduling recurring payments and transferring money
  • Monitoring expenses and providing savings recommendations
  • Visualizing overall financial health
  • Comparing banking products and delivering personalized offers
  • Allocating, managing and optimizing assets with robo-advisors

Unlock new productivity and efficiency gains

Take advantage of chatbots in banking to streamline your back office operations. Automate repetitive internal tasks throughout your enterprise to save time and slash costs while reinvesting the resources where they are needed most.
  • Delivering first-line technical help
  • Assisting with onboarding and HR support
  • Training and skill development
  • Enabling cross-team information exchange
  • Fast and efficient processing of complex documents

Top-grade financial software development services

Since 2005, Brigadoon Technology has been helping fintech providers, financial data vendors, institutions, and banks to envision, fulfill, and protect their clients’ financial dreams.
Our decade-long experience allows us to deeply understand inherent industry intricacies and unique business challenges to deliver enterprise-grade banking and financial software solutions that support digital transformation and drive measurable results.

Building solutions for

Commercial and investment banks

Credit unions

Savings and loan associations

Brokerage firms

Financial data vendors

FinTech providers

Tackling challenges

Superior ease of use

Win users with seamless digital banking experiences that align with clients’ lifestyles. Let our UX experts analyze user stories, design mockups, and deliver stunning UIs that are a breeze to use — be it web, mobile, or desktop.

Rock-solid reliability

We employ scenario-based reliability analysis, mature engineering techniques and design patterns, and rigorous stress testing throughout the implementation to meet performance SLAs and ensure the system is operational 24/7, no matter the load.

Robust security

We design and develop solutions with advanced access and identity management, data encryption, and auditing features to ensure bulletproof security, compliance and accountability across the entire ecosystem.

Maximum performance

With a dedicated performance engineering unit on board, we offer multi-year expertise in identifying and eliminating bottlenecks at all system levels — from networking to backend to database layer to front-office applications.

Comprehensive integrations

Whether it’s third-party payment platforms, loan origination systems, accounting software, or human resource applications — count on us to build frictionless integrations that enhance and optimize your business.

Regulatory compliance

To help companies better cope with the mounting pressure from regulators, we build financial solutions that are GDPR compliant by default and meet the most stringent financial regulations, including SOX, Basel II, PCI DSS, and more.

Custom software solutions for banking and finance

Flawless connectivity and b business operational support y

Transform your core environment to perform tasks easier, deliver services faster, achieve and beat targets more efficiently, lower operating costs, and more.
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Commercial and customer payment solutions
  • HR and e-Learning management
  • Revenue management, billing, and accounting
  • Employee collaboration portals and mobile apps

Disruptive fintech solutions

Embrace the power of innovative solutions to maintain the leading roles in financial services through more efficient, secure and informed decisions.

Risk, compliance, and fraud

Manage risk, ensure compliance and combat crime across assets and portfolios with comprehensive data management capabilities throughout the entire enterprise.
  • Asset and liability management
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk

Data management and analytics

Manage vast volumes of data and make them work for you in every aspect of your business, including marketing, decision-making, revenue optimization, and much more.
  • Big data
  • Master data management
  • Customer analytics

Banking API development services

Leverage our comprehensive API development expertise to easily connect with your trusted partners, access new services, and enhance banking experiences for your customers.
  • PSD2-compliant APIs
  • Robust authentication of partners’ apps
  • Role-based access control

Marketing, customer experience, and engagement

Deliver outstanding, personalized customer experiences across all your channels through data-driven insights into every customer’s needs.
  • CRM and CXM
  • Audience segmentation
  • Marketing and sales automation