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Our R&D Capabilities

Driving digital transformation with enterprise-grade solutions

R&D Projects Productization

Our research and development experts will assist you at every stage of your software project, from business needs analysis and ideation to product development and support.

Tap into unmatched computer vision expertise

Precise face and person attributes recognition
  • Face recognition at various pose angles and despite a shaky camera
  • Hidden face detection and tracking
  • Accurate face redaction
  • Person attributes detection: gender, age, headwear, and more
Object detection and tracking
  • Accurate object detection and tracking despite occlusions, poor lightning, etc.
  • Custom object anonymization
  • Detection of any bag type, including abandoned objects and their owners
  • Unsupervised failure and anomaly detection
Accurate vehicle detection
  • Recognition of various vehicle types such as cars, bicycles, scooters, ships, and more
  • Vehicle detection and tracking despite poor lighting and adverse weather conditions
  • License plate recognition
  • Car parking monitoring
  • Accurate detection of ingested ads
  • Scene analysis: detection of romantic, racing, disastrous, and other episodes
  • Discovering anomalies in video content: black screens, glitches, artificial text, etc.
  • Spotting sensitive themes like smoking, alcohol, violence, and more
  • Business workflow orchestration
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time communication
  • Population health management
  • Computer vision
  • AR/VR
  • Media asset management
  • Big data
  • Enterprise and consumer mobility

Beginning with Business workflow orchestration ending with Enterprise and consumer mobility.

Bank on our custom software development services to enhance your solution’s security, accelerate time to market, and drive exceptional customer value.

Top-grade quality assurance

Strongly adhering to a comprehensive, industry-leading approach to quality, we engage QA engineers in the development process early on. This enables us to discover and fix problems before they become costly and time-consuming or damage customer experience.

Our team of QA experts possesses hands-on experience in all major testing types, including functional, usability, load, stress, acceptance, integration testing, and more.

Depending on the project specifics and development methodology, we provide a set of tangible deliverables, including test plans, bugs and real-time coverage reports, sprint and project sign-off reports, and dashboards with relevant QA statistics.

Pervasive DevOps culture

We follow industry-standard DevOps best practices to help you deploy faster, while cutting project costs.

Heavily relying on continuous integration and delivery, we frequently merge code changes to a central shared repository and run automated unit tests to zoom in on and fix bugs early. This allows us release fortnightly, weekly, or even daily — in an automated and sustainable way.

Underpinned by multi-year experience in continuous assessment, our QA team automates not only tests, but also the production infrastructure in which tests are run and the process of analyzing and tracking the test outcomes.

Spotting sensitive themes like smoking, alcohol, violence, and more

Our custom know-hows empower us to tackle tough challenges in a proactive way.

Face recognition SDK

  • Multiple face detection in real time
  • Maximum accuracy and performance with any kind of input
  • Adjustable speed-to-accuracy parameters and trigger thresholds
  • Dynamic link library available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux
    • Ease of integration with C++/C#/Java code

Managed maintenance services

As mature problems-solvers, we have over a decade of experience in tackling challenging business-critical projects. Our teams are made up of T-shaped professionals who are ready to deliver top-notch managed support services for the fail-safe operation of your systems.

Legacy system modernization and support

You can rely on us to help you fix badly structured legacy code, upgrading its readability and maintainability. We apply a set of best practices such as multi-stage code review and refactoring to increase performance and facilitate future solution enhancement.
We are well-versed in legacy system analysis and application modernization services. Our UX experts tackle tasks ranging from UX design to multiplatform UI implementations, bringing your system up to date with modern usability and accessibility standards to boost user satisfaction.
We dive deep into the specifics of your business case to suggest a winning mix of the latest tools and frameworks as a replacement for your outdated stack. Our research and development experts can also propose a completely new solution to the issue you’ve been battling with.
To improve maintainability and aid communication between stakeholders, our team works with you to generate transparent and detailed documentation including SRS, architecture design, source code documentation, easy-to-grasp admin and user guides, project reports, coding standards, and more.
Oxagile’s QA department prides itself in tried-and-true workflows optimized to suit the needs of every individual project. Once implemented, our QA process allows you to remove excessive steps and potential bottlenecks, as well as optimize the use of QA resources.
We apply our best practices to tracking and testing every feature of your product. Due to the iterative nature of our QA approach, the team is able to run frequent checks and discover the origins of every issue before it can significantly impact the project.
We put in place rigorous QA procedures to battle regressions and let you roll out new releases frequently and with confidence. Our proprietary AQA framework makes it possible to quickly discover and tackle issues on long-term projects with extremely complex business logic.

Take your project to the next level

We’re ready to exceed stakeholder expectations in terms of product quality and support. Contact us now to discuss your projects needs in detail.

Professional legacy modernization services

Take the first step towards your digital transformation by bringing your systems and infrastructure up to speed. We offer comprehensive legacy application modernization services designed specifically around your challenges — whether it is vendor lock-in, snowballing IT costs or trapped data — to help you reach and sustain a competitive edge.

Legacy system modernization and support

With today’s requirements to blazing-fast performance and operational efficiency, we will make sure your core legacy systems and applications are up to the challenge.
Do not let scalability issues curb your growth. We can help you migrate your solution to the cloud or re-engineer it into a microservices-based architecture to improve flexibility and business agility.
Our seasoned software engineers will help you untangle dependencies and refactor your legacy code, enabling you to optimize your maintenance budget and free up funds for innovation.
Our security experts will help you protect business-critical and customer information and keep your systems compliant with the latest security standards.
Move your legacy solutions to a new, more effective platform or technology to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership and avoid vendor lock-in.
Embrace the cutting-edge technologies to craft new digital experiences that drive user engagement through the roof while setting your business apart from the competition.

Leverage our legacy solution modernization offering

Our IT consultants closely collaborate with your stakeholders to assess your enterprise’s IT landscape and provide you with an actionable modernization strategy.
Tap into our hands-on development expertise to make the most out of your core business systems while reducing technical debt and improving efficiency.

Software project rescue: Tackling pain points of any severity

We know how to modernize mission-critical systems without disrupting your business operations. From seamless software migration and integration to customization to staff training — our software project rescue team has got you covered.
We’ll reanimate poorly written code using a set of best practices — from code review and refactoring to documentation and maintenance. To enable further solution enhancement, we can also reverse engineer the existing artifacts when the sources are missing or not available.
We have the right software project rescue knowledge and skills to solve your interoperability challenges. Rely on our decade-long experience in API and custom connector development to easily pair up all your enterprise-grade systems — for business agility and enhanced collaboration.
Capitalize on our full-cycle automation testing services to get a bug-free product. Our transparent QA process will help you make sure your solution meets the most stringent requirements in terms of functionality, performance, accessibility, and more.
Harness our engineering skills to conduct an accurate security assessment. From code and architecture audit to data and network analysis, we follow best practices and OWASP guidelines to detect and address security issues.
Leverage our expertise in high-load architecture design and performance engineering to achieve rock-solid scalability. Make sure your solution can support a virtually infinite number of concurrent users — as your business grows.

Professional project rescue: How we eliminate risks

Advanced risk management

  • Optimal risk tackling strategies
  • Risk prioritization in terms of occurrence probability, severity, status, exposure, and more
  • Iterative risk evaluation and analysis
  • Expert corrective action and contingency planning
  • Straightforward risk classification and transparent documentation
  • Company-wide risk management policies

Strong user data protection

  • Full-scale identity and access management
  • Advanced data recovery capabilities
  • Multiple data encryption methods, including AES, 3DES, RSA, and Twofish
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more
  • Firewall deployment and maintenance

In-depth documentation

  • SRS documentation capturing functional and non-functional requirements
  • Help guides featuring module and system dependencies
  • Architecture design description
  • Easy-to-grasp user manuals and tutorials
  • Detailed source code documentation
  • Process documentation, including project reports and metrics, coding standards, and more

Rock-solid guarantees

  • NDAs to limit information access to third parties
  • Continuous software maintenance and support
  • Six-month warranties on custom software development
  • IPR protection ensuring your exclusive ownership of codebase and other deliverables
  • Knowledge sharing and employee training
  • SLAs for greater specificity into service standards and performance metrics

DevOps as a Service

Take advantage of Brigadoon Technology’s multi-year hands-on experience in automation and continuous delivery to optimize your infrastructure and deploy in a matter of hours, not days.
By capitalizing on our expertise in agile and scrum, we help you organize team’s resources effectively, achieve fast market feedback, and dramatically cut costs. Whether architecting an IT environment or building a fully-fledged DevOps solution from scratch — our DevOps team possesses the know-how, custom frameworks, and proven toolchains to complete the project of any complexity.

Implement DevOps to Dramatically Boost Your Project’s Efficiency

Benefit from DevOps as a Service to outstrip the competition and stay ahead of your game.
Take advantage of our expertise in cloud development to get a microservices-powered cloud application, and leverage all the benefits of cloud computing. We effectively combine the strengths of private, public, and hybrid clouds to make your future solution secure, flexible, and 100% reliable. Fully control your data, rapidly expand infrastructure with necessary cloud services, enjoy predictable SLAs, and dramatically reduce operational costs.
Standardized IT operations help to reduce your overall costs by eliminating unplanned work and urgent fire fighting on the project. Capitalize on frequent system integrations and end-to-end automated testing to detect software defects as soon as they appear. The “sooner found, sooner fixed” paradigm lowers both bug fixing and maintenance costs.
Stay abreast of shifting user expectations by innovating at the speed of light. Our DevOps service enables you to constantly monitor and respond to fluctuating market demand, update your existing offer, or deliver a new product in no time. We utilize continuous automation and regression testing to help you experiment and release with confidence.
Implement DevOps service to spend 44% more of your team’s efforts on new work. Let our DevOps experts handle routine tasks like configuration management, deployment, or release orchestration — while empowering your specialists to focus on new feature development, exploratory testing, or key customer relationship management.
Use our security-minded DevOps approach and early security tools integration to foresee potential risks and eliminate them right away. Continuous automated testing bolsters your defenses to protect users and minimize security vulnerabilities. Prevent sensitive data breaches with things like storage encryption, authentication testing, and more.
We developed a custom analytical dashboard, a 24/7 monitoring system, and visually rich productivity diagrams to ensure DevOps transparency and traceability. Measure all aspects of DevOps effectivity across 27+ accurate metrics — from deployment success rate and mean time to recover to user growth rates and recurring revenue.

DevOps Consulting Services

Not sure what type of DevOps solution to choose? Our all-around team of DevOps experts is capable of assessing your IT environment and drawing a clear long-term DevOps adoption roadmap. Let our DevOps consulting professionals help you:
  • Gather requirements and analyze your business goals
  • Coach your in-house DevOps team
  • Provide you with a full IT environment audit report
  • Work out custom DevOps implementation KPIs for your particular business project
  • Evaluate the reasonability of implementing DevOps at the project
  • Coach your in-house DevOps team
  • Recommend you an appropriate DevOps toolchain (Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS) and assist in its integration
  • Coach your in-house DevOps team

Team up with a top-tier IT consulting company

We offer full-cycle information technology consulting services to address the most daunting business challenges. From modernizing IT strategies to upgrading legacy systems to recovering software projects, we’ve got you covered all the way.

Digital transformation consulting

Our experienced IT consulting team knows how to take your business to the next level. We advise new business process automation approaches as well as groundbreaking techs and frameworks to accelerate your digital transformation.
We’ll get into the ins and outs of your business to proactively identify the most critical needs. If necessary, we’ll also allocate experts for on-site visits. By performing a thorough analysis of your existing processes and systems, we will help identify innovative ways to gain maximum business value, while ensuring business continuity and advanced risk management.
With decades of experience in business analysis and software engineering, our go-ahead R&D department has helped to successfully complete over 40 software endeavors. Our experts constantly work on internal projects to try out new techs, trends, and approaches, and then implement these ready-to-use know-hows to effectively solve customer problems, while lowering costs and accelerating time to market.
We’re a leading IT consulting firm that has helped a number of tech giants like Google and Discovery Channels address their business needs. Our IT consulting offering runs the gamut from legacy system optimization to workplace digitalization. We’ll help you automate your HR operations, optimize finances, streamline administrative functions, and more — without disrupting existing business processes.
Use our decade-long B2C experience and AI know-hows to improve audience targeting and deliver hyper-personalized products and services. Capitalize on our IT consulting expertise to enhance your customer strategy, launch novel loyalty programs, find new ways of engagement across all channels, and more.

Business-critical solutioning

We consult on all aspects regarding your would-be product, including the manner it’s built and the tools used.
Whether you need to build a complex software architecture from scratch or revamp your legacy system, our experienced architects have got your back.
Partner with us to implement advanced fraud detection and prevention, comprehensive risk management, and more.
  • Software architecture analysis
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • High load, fault-tolerant architectures
  • Identity and access management
  • Software architecture redesign
  • Recovery capabilities
  • Comprehensive cloud consulting
  • Security and penetration testing, risk tackling strategies
  • Architecture and design consulting (monolithic, microservices-based, domain-driven, and more)
  • Regulatory compliance, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and other standards

IT consulting across key verticals

We are a team of subject-matter experts who are in the loop about the latest innovations and techs in a wide range of industries.


Draw on our deep healthcare expertise and IT consulting services to modernize your practice. We’ll consult you on developing the optimal healthcare software, including EHR, HIE, CDSS, PMS, PACS, mHealth apps, and more. Our HIPAA-compliant, highly interoperable medical solutions will ensure patient data protection, facilitate health information exchange, and accelerate the shift from volume- to value-based care.


We know how to turn your website visitors into shoppers. Our experience in eCommerce development allows us to provide an expert analysis regarding platform and payment gateway choice, system integration, state-of-the-art functionality implementation, and more. Hire us to enhance your online shop with innovative features, including virtual try-ons, ML-powered product search, interactive chatbots, and hyper-personalized purchase recommendations.

Finance and banking

Since 2005, our highly specialized professionals have been tackling major challenges imposed by the nature of the financial sphere. We build banking and fintech solutions with advanced master data management, fraud detection and recovery capabilities, risk management, and more. This key functionality enables you to secure mission-critical information, rev up financial operations, and deliver a multi-channel customer experience.

Sports and fitness

Want to be ahead of the game and clinch more victories? Team up with a go-to sports app development company to digitally transform fan experience, supercharge coaching and training, improve player performance, enhance rehabilitation, as well as streamline administrative and marketing operations.